7" Windows 10 4GLTE Powered by SiloCloud

What SiloCLoud PC?

SiloCloud PC is Cloud-based Notebook that features the power of Windows 10 and the all-new Silo Cloud OS that unlocks the potential of cloud-based processing power and storage capacity.  The SiloCloud PC was featured at this years CES 2019 to a fanfare of enthusiast that acknowledge the power and size of the compact pc.

Why do we use it?

It literally fits in your pocket, that's right, your pocket.  Thinking back to the use cases of Mobile phones as they were thought to be used, SiloCloud PC answers the call of users that desire robust computing capacity in a portable slate.  One that runs applications that are much to rich in format to run on phones or tablets.  The silocloud is a just in time product.  Just in time for work, play, and thoughtless mobility.